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  • Halloween 2023

    Halloween 2023

    Hey there! Thought I’d do a post on the Eve of All Hallow’s Eve. Artificial Intelligence is Scary, Right? Wrong. Headed over to to get a post image for this blog entry. Entered the text “Slow doom metal, a witch in a frozen land”. This prompt will make more sense further below. This is […]

  • More Research on plastic recycling in alberta

    This post is just a list of businesses that make use of waste plastic. Some may be able to help divert my small amount of plastic waste from recycling computers and other scrap materials. Glass Recycling I have been working on a glass crushing machine to make cullet out of glass bottles and other waste […]

  • Fall Streamers

    Nothing to say here. It’s fall, one of the best seasons. No bugs (well, some flies), cool nights and warm days (mostly). I finally got around to installing my own news aggregator on Any suggestions, just send them my way. And a fractal image, of course. (click on image for full size)

  • 2023 Summer Edition – Part 2

    A Few Interesting Websites I read another book in July and August! A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry The story explores the lives of the poor, middle class and the wealthy in India through a group of main characters whose lives intertwine throughout the novel. Not a book full of joy and happy endings, […]