At the expense of looking like a tourist I took these 3 photos showing one small, little, lonely Maple tree most likely overlooked by the hordes of park visitors wanting to shoot “fall colours”. Male maple tree leaves turn red (shown) while female leaves turn bright orange-yellow but check these facts – I’m not a botonist.

All photos of the same tree.

You can see this on Instagram too:
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Hello from the highlands of Wimborne Alberta. I hope, for you, the sunny days of spring bring a smile. Your YouTube Channel, Thubprint, has become a mainstay in my comfort viewing menu. Approximately once a week I throw tools into toolbox and pencil into office desk and kick back with a playlist of subscribed YouTube channels. Thubprint is usually listed as having a recently uploaded video and takes it’s turn on the monitor at full-screen mode.

I have to say, finding content creators by geography is not easy on Youtube. Calgary: How many scrappers are v-logging their work in Calgary? So far, the only one with quality content and advice is you (but I think you mention one other channel). Where do the other GoPro helmet-headed back-alley ruffians of Alberta monetize?

Sadly, v-logging is not for me. I don’t have the equipment or support for such adventure. I’m more of the Blogging type.

The question that most perplexes me is why there is nowhere to sell E-waste in Canada. Across the border there is but they do not accept shipments from Canada. I have decided to start stockpiling circuit boards in the hope that a market emerges. I’m fortunate to have the room to do so.

I also wanted to mention that your use of Bare Wire Inc. has prompted me to give them a try. I found that they opened a second location on the east side of Deerfoot Trail in the north. Other places I’ve been to have a dirty little trick of quoting an excellent price on the phone, but then list a high “tare” weight when you cash out. My empty plastic pale does NOT weigh 6lbs Empire Metals! My local market in Red Deer has improved slightly, making it less necessary to travel to Calgary to sell my non-ferous goods. Red Deer Metals opened last year and has had good reviews, but I have yet to go there myself.

Find enclosed a little gift, unsigned so that your select child may invoke the power of a coupon upon you…or vise versa.

Thomas Hepburn at

I am seriously wondering when the worlds attraction to social media will implode. I’ve been waiting for over a decade now. Take care of your own data!

I’ve just heard on the following podcast that Huber Engineered Wood Ltd. used Instagram to educate clients about improvements in building techniques and product use. The account got hacked and Facebook’s (owners of Instagram) answer to the help request was to shut down the entire account without notice. It’s a corporate account, which makes it very unprofessional when it suddenly drops dead from facebookitus.

Huber’s Instagram site is a great example of how to use the social media platform for marketing. But have your own website too! Sounds complicated? Time consuming? Not really if you set up some web automation you can send your content accross any number of social media platforms. Automatically! Instantaneous! Simultaneous!

Here are 3 sites that can do “web automations”. Some easy to use, others are more complex, but offer more powerful features.

  • Integromat. The most advanced automation platform I’ve looked at
  • Zapier very powerful and a full range of connected services
  • IFTTT Easy to use and is recommended by IOT users.

If you want even more convincing that you should take better care of what you post to these “free” social sites, here it is:

NATO Soldiers Manipulated by Facebook Fake Accounts

NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence is multi-nationally constituted and NATO-accredited international military organization, which is not part of the NATO Command Structure, nor subordinate to any other NATO entity. They created the Catfish accounts to study NATO soldiers.

The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (NATO StratCom COE) wanted to know how vulnerable troops were to social media. They did some social experiments on their troops (pardon the pun). I’d encourage you to read the white paper on their findings. It involves Catfishing, and if you don’t know what that is, read the World Economic Forums take on this study. I’ve saved a copy right here for you in PDF