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  • Gargoyles Got To Be Safe

    Gargoyles Got To Be Safe

    Just doing a little tiling of the laundry room. Decided to use the gargoyle as a holding place for my safety glasses. Ear protection wouldn’t fit. Before Photo

  • More Reno Updates

    I’m at it again. Renovating the basement in Thorncliffe. This time it’s the floor. The best part is I have help. Mr. Logan is installing new vinyl plank flooring in the living/kitchen area, hallway and bathroom. A new vanity is going into the bathroom after the new floor is installed.

  • I’m Staring at The Ceiling

    Working on the Blackthorn project. More sound mitigation attempts. The small basement bedroom is where the electrical panel is. It was updated in 2018. New circuits required the drywall ceiling be torn down. Now, 6 years later the ceiling is going back in The green board is a new product for me: Sonopan II […]

  • Fun tools I wish I owned

    drilling beams with Magdrill