Maps Online


Esri is putting out some open source API’s. Because of this there are new opportunities with creating plug-ins for WordPress.

I was about to link to the ESRI Javascript API and create my own embedded map from ArcOnline. Someone beat me to it, namely Gavin Rehkemper,  With the help of his brand new Plug-in called Embed Webmap. I created a map online, made it public and linked it with the plugin.  Now I can start adding things to my map and this page’s map is automatically updated.

Note that this this is an evergreen map.  This means that the map will change over time, so you will have to check back to see changes as I learn more about using ArcGIS Online.  If you want to be notified of changes to this page, I suggest you subscribe to the comments RSS feed.



Some icons are from ESRI and included with the mapping licence, other Icons made by Scott de Jonge, Freepik from is licensed by CC BY 3.0  I will try and list them below as I use them.

And here is another kind of Map.  It’s a Story Map.  I made one that shows some of the places we went to this past year.

Hepburn Story Map 2015