Something about “today there’s a chinook and you better get out and take advantage of the warm weather by decorating a big tree” How do you get those balls on the tree when you only have a small ladder? My solution is to use copper wire to make the hook, and a long stick. The copper wire is just flexible enough to hold and grab the branch while not deforming. Number 16 gauge perfect but the most common is household wire being solid 14 gauge copper wire

Don’t have any copper wire laying about? Join the recycle economy: Just ask your local electrician for some “wire trimmings”, or a street scrapper. You’ll find street-level scrappers dumpster diving in any town or city.  These people make a living by taking what others throw away and turning it into Cash. As of today bare bright copper stands at $2.70 a pound at the scrap yard but very few yards sell what they collect from street level scrappers. Don’t ask me why I don’t know.

Hopefully that wind doesn’t blow all the decorations off before Christmas.

At the expense of looking like a tourist I took these 3 photos showing one small, little, lonely Maple tree most likely overlooked by the hordes of park visitors wanting to shoot “fall colours”. Male maple tree leaves turn red (shown) while female leaves turn bright orange-yellow but check these facts – I’m not a botonist.

All photos of the same tree.

You can see this on Instagram too:
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I’ve been researching e-waste and recycling processes in Canada for years now. I’ve found some disturbing gaps in Canada’s handling of recyclable material.

Let us start with a video from the World Economic Forum

As far as I know there is nowhere in Alberta where individuals can sell stripped down E-waste parts.  In contrast,  across the border there are places like  where you could return e-waste the same as cashing in our empty beverage containers.  Individuals being able to SELL E-waste would encourage proper disposal if nothing else.

Your E-Waste is worth something

Yes, there are plenty of E-waste recycling facilities in Alberta. None of them pay you for your E-waste. You should know that your E-waste is worth something. If you want to know what different components are worth, I strongly suggest you check out this American site – prices are in USD – and see for yourself.

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