Day Binning

Will Facebook ever die? No, not when there are groups such as “Dumpster Diving in Canada Eh!!!”

Dumpster diving: Its not just for hobos and people living under bridges. Real heroes save useful items from the trash every day. People with careers, investments and a desire to reduce waste poke their noses into garbage bins to scrutinize what businesses and individuals are throwing out.

Dumpster Diving Elevator Pitch

As Kayla on the above mentioned group shares, stores don’t usually like people diving in their bins. However, I have had some success with this route. it takes some practice to “sell” your request/idea to get a favourable response. My friends and I sometimes go “Day Binning”, but be prepared to talk and schmooze the backdoor workers. It can be even more rewarding! Many people have guilt when ordered to throw out good/useful commodities and your “recycling effort” alleviates their guilt, and you are golden: you now have permission to be there!



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