Will Facebook ever die? No, not when there are groups such as “Dumpster Diving in Canada Eh!!!”

Dumpster diving: Its not just for hobos and people living under bridges. Real heroes save useful items from the trash every day. People with careers, investments and a desire to reduce waste poke their noses into garbage bins to scrutinize what businesses and individuals are throwing out.

Dumpster Diving Elevator Pitch

As Kayla on the above mentioned group shares, stores don’t usually like people diving in their bins. However, I have had some success with this route. it takes some practice to “sell” your request/idea to get a favourable response. My friends and I sometimes go “Day Binning”, but be prepared to talk and schmooze the backdoor workers. It can be even more rewarding! Many people have guilt when ordered to throw out good/useful commodities and your “recycling effort” alleviates their guilt, and you are golden: you now have permission to be there!

Just a little picture of how I’m processing these discarded transformers. 

After crushing you separate the copper windings similar to getting the peanut out of the shell to eat – while drinking beer of course!

The end result of 28 transformers in about 3 hours. The steel weight is 45lbs. The copper 9lbs. Using today’s unusually high prices here is the result:

Before ValueAfter Processing
Steel: 45lbs x $0.12/lbs = $5.72
Copper: 9.0 lbs x $4.43/lbs = $39.87
55 lbs x $0.25/lbs = $13.75Net gain: $45.59 – $13.75 =$31.84
Time spent = 2hrs

The last line represents the question: What is your time worth?

You have to recognize that I was “working” for minimum wage – or worse. (Scrap metal prices are quite high in 2nd Q 2022, inflated almost 50% over averages ). I would call it working in the loosest terms since I was doing it my own way [beer / no beer, music loud / music soft ]. I was listening to my favourite show from Twit Networks and having fun. Work? No.

If you plan on doing this for a living, there are much faster ways to process scrap transformers, and these transformers are some of the smallest I have ever broken down. Too small for a full time scrapper to bother with.

Something about “today there’s a chinook and you better get out and take advantage of the warm weather by decorating a big tree” How do you get those balls on the tree when you only have a small ladder? My solution is to use copper wire to make the hook, and a long stick. The copper wire is just flexible enough to hold and grab the branch while not deforming. Number 16 gauge perfect but the most common is household wire being solid 14 gauge copper wire

Don’t have any copper wire laying about? Join the recycle economy: Just ask your local electrician for some “wire trimmings”, or a street scrapper. You’ll find street-level scrappers dumpster diving in any town or city.  These people make a living by taking what others throw away and turning it into Cash. As of today bare bright copper stands at $2.70 a pound at the scrap yard but very few yards sell what they collect from street level scrappers. Don’t ask me why I don’t know.

Hopefully that wind doesn’t blow all the decorations off before Christmas.

Hello from the highlands of Wimborne Alberta. I hope, for you, the sunny days of spring bring a smile. Your YouTube Channel, Thubprint, has become a mainstay in my comfort viewing menu. Approximately once a week I throw tools into toolbox and pencil into office desk and kick back with a playlist of subscribed YouTube channels. Thubprint is usually listed as having a recently uploaded video and takes it’s turn on the monitor at full-screen mode.

I have to say, finding content creators by geography is not easy on Youtube. Calgary: How many scrappers are v-logging their work in Calgary? So far, the only one with quality content and advice is you (but I think you mention one other channel). Where do the other GoPro helmet-headed back-alley ruffians of Alberta monetize?

Sadly, v-logging is not for me. I don’t have the equipment or support for such adventure. I’m more of the Blogging type.

The question that most perplexes me is why there is nowhere to sell E-waste in Canada. Across the border there is http://www.boardsort.com but they do not accept shipments from Canada. I have decided to start stockpiling circuit boards in the hope that a market emerges. I’m fortunate to have the room to do so.

I also wanted to mention that your use of Bare Wire Inc. has prompted me to give them a try. I found that they opened a second location on the east side of Deerfoot Trail in the north. Other places I’ve been to have a dirty little trick of quoting an excellent price on the phone, but then list a high “tare” weight when you cash out. My empty plastic pale does NOT weigh 6lbs Empire Metals! My local market in Red Deer has improved slightly, making it less necessary to travel to Calgary to sell my non-ferous goods. Red Deer Metals opened last year and has had good reviews, but I have yet to go there myself.

Find enclosed a little gift, unsigned so that your select child may invoke the power of a coupon upon you…or vise versa.

Thomas Hepburn at https://www.thomashepburn.ca