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  • June 1st 2022

    Hey, just a few images of what’s around the yard.  Apple blossoms always nice to see but I missed the best by a day ( no phone on me at the time). I just finished putting on the mower deck.  I treated the bottom with old candle stubs found in dumpsters. I used a heat […]

  • Day Binning

    Real heroes save useful items from the trash every day. People with careers, investments and a desire to reduce waste poke their noses into garbage bins



    scrapping transformers with shop press

  • From Rotten Window Sill To Finished Millwork

    No pictures wer taken of the huge window coming out, or the new windows going in. It would have made a great blog post, however it would have been too long. It took most of an afternoon. I thought the old windw would be around 350lbs but it was more like 450 lbs. In order […]