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  • More Research on plastic recycling in alberta

    More Research on plastic recycling in alberta

    This post is just a list of businesses that make use of waste plastic. Some may be able to help divert my small amount of plastic waste from recycling computers and other scrap materials. Glass Recycling I have been working on a glass crushing machine to make cullet out of glass bottles and other waste…

  • Some E-Waste Links on the Internet

    I was just doing a little cruising on the internet and found a few sites that have some high-level, “global thinking” information on the ewaste / e-waste issues facing humanity. In no particular order: Electronics recycling is something I do at home here as an ecological hobby. I break down the components and then the…

  • June 1st 2022

    Hey, just a few images of what’s around the yard.  Apple blossoms always nice to see but I missed the best by a day ( no phone on me at the time). I just finished putting on the mower deck.  I treated the bottom with old candle stubs found in dumpsters. I used a heat…

  • Day Binning

    Real heroes save useful items from the trash every day. People with careers, investments and a desire to reduce waste poke their noses into garbage bins



    scrapping transformers with shop press

  • From Rotten Window Sill To Finished Millwork

    No pictures wer taken of the huge window coming out, or the new windows going in. It would have made a great blog post, however it would have been too long. It took most of an afternoon. I thought the old windw would be around 350lbs but it was more like 450 lbs. In order…