Category: Wordpress

  • What 3 Words Are You?

    One of my favorite mapping tools is what3words. I’ve updated the contact forms to include a location autosuggest for filling out a 3word address. The CSS keeps messing up the display, but that’s another days work.

  • Maps Online

      Esri is putting out some open source API’s. Because of this there are new opportunities with creating plug-ins for WordPress. I was about to link to the ESRI Javascript API and create my own embedded map from ArcOnline. Someone beat me to it, namely Gavin Rehkemper,  With the help of his brand new Plug-in…

  • 15 Years of Website Development by Yours Truly

    Prove it! It’s actually 17 years, but I can only prove I’ve been making websites since 2001.  That’s when The Wayback Machine took it’s first snapshot of my personal website.  Here is the link to snapshot of my page back then: And here is the directory of all 32 archive shots:*/ The Wayback…