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  • Some E-Waste Links on the Internet

    I was just doing a little cruising on the internet and found a few sites that have some high-level, “global thinking” information on the ewaste / e-waste issues facing humanity. In no particular order: Electronics recycling is something I do at home here as an ecological hobby. I break down the components and then the […]

  • 2022 Summer Reading and Little Free Libraries of Alberta

    All about some amazing books I have found at Little Free Libraries around Alberta.

  • Jane Goodall

    Jane Goodall talks about how to reach people with closed minds and change

  • To Thubprint

    Hello from the highlands of Wimborne Alberta. I hope, for you, the sunny days of spring bring a smile. Your YouTube Channel, Thubprint, has become a mainstay in my comfort viewing menu. Approximately once a week I throw tools into toolbox and pencil into office desk and kick back with a playlist of subscribed YouTube […]