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  • Appliance Repair – Reprise

    Appliance Repair – Reprise

    This is more of a follow-up to my first post: Read it here The washing machine started acting up – again. This time the symptoms did not match any of the usual diagnosis patterns suggested on YouTube or Reddit. I think it’s a faulty Timer/Selector switch.

  • Open Access Publishing

    Open Access Publishing

    A pioneer in scholarly, open access publishing, MDPI has supported academic communities since 1996. Based in Basel, Switzerland, MDPI has the mission to foster open scientific exchange in all forms, across all disciplines.

  • Some E-Waste Links on the Internet

    I was just doing a little cruising on the internet and found a few sites that have some high-level, “global thinking” information on the ewaste / e-waste issues facing humanity. In no particular order: Electronics recycling is something I do at home here as an ecological hobby. I break down the components and then the…

  • 2022 Summer Reading and Little Free Libraries of Alberta

    All about some amazing books I have found at Little Free Libraries around Alberta.

  • Jane Goodall

    Jane Goodall talks about how to reach people with closed minds and change

  • To Thubprint

    Hello from the highlands of Wimborne Alberta. I hope, for you, the sunny days of spring bring a smile. Your YouTube Channel, Thubprint, has become a mainstay in my comfort viewing menu. Approximately once a week I throw tools into toolbox and pencil into office desk and kick back with a playlist of subscribed YouTube…