2022 Summer Reading and Little Free Libraries of Alberta

I think the theme is hot weather books about hot places ( as in temperature). I’ve tried to make each book cover link to the Open Library Project, where you may be able to borrow the book in some digital format.

The author, Marina Nemat, has told a story that is hard to believe for entitled westerners. With Canada suffering from an outbreak of selfish idiots screaming about their loss of freedom, the book is sobering. I wish I could force every “freedom convoy supporter” to read this work of non-fiction.

Prisoner of Tehran on Open Library .org

Started reading this right after, being a story from the same region of the world. Have not finished reading it but again it’s hard to read about how human rights are all but ignored

A Canadian book about Canada’s housing market!

This book is for both home owners and renters. It’s an honest look at the real cost of home ownership and why renting can be a better option financially.

Wait, there’s more…

More books I found at various Little Free Libraries around the province. These are more the kind of fluff that I’d read while baking in the sun.

from 1998…Rick’s rants on CBC, sometimes funny, sometimes not so much…
This one is labelled with the www.bookcrossing.com label. Find out more at their website!
A book full of trivia