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  • I’ve Been Here Too Long

    I arrived on September 7th and this post date is November 7th. I’ve been working on straightening the building as you can see it’s desperately needed. The long term forecast is calling for snow and I may have stayed passed my welcome. Getting out of here during a snowstorm would not be fun. Reading? Who […]

  • August Current Reading

    Currently reading. Click the image to go to Openlibrary.org where you can find sellers https://openlibrary.org/works/OL25819163W/They_Poured_Fire_on_Us_from_the_Sky

  • 2022 Summer Reading and Little Free Libraries of Alberta

    All about some amazing books I have found at Little Free Libraries around Alberta.

  • A book on Mind Control

    Let’s be clear: how to control your own mind, Not someone else’s. I checked out www.bookfinder.com and noticed this little paperback is pretty valuable. Strange since there were millions printed. Unfortunately there is no free edition on the Open Library, but I’ll give the link below just in case they do add one for borrowing.