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  • Summer Edition 2023

    What I’m Reading I bought this book at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop in Huntsville, Ontario when I was there in October 2022. I never got to read it until this year. It is an interesting read, but not a page turner (at least for me). Barack pours out pages of thought on the human […]

  • Free Sounds at

    I’m still messing around with JWildfire, and using to make videos. Spring is here

  • JWildfire Fractals for Valentines Day

    My last post mentioned the software I’ve started learning: JWildfire. I posted a couple of images and quick videos made from the fractal imaging software on my instagram feed. Mostly the results of doing tutorials. I always like to have a purpose to my hobbies. To that end I’ll be making a collection (how many? […]

  • The Season for Painting

    A little less yellow please. The attached neighbor would like the trim painted grey but all I have is white (sorry, not sorry grey is emo dull)