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  • The Season for Painting

    A little less yellow please. The attached neighbor would like the trim painted grey but all I have is white (sorry, not sorry grey is emo dull)

  • A book on Mind Control

    Let’s be clear: how to control your own mind, Not someone else’s. I checked out and noticed this little paperback is pretty valuable. Strange since there were millions printed. Unfortunately there is no free edition on the Open Library, but I’ll give the link below just in case they do add one for borrowing.

  • Video Playlist on Video Making

    I’ve created a playlist that I’ll share here on video tips and ideas for various applications.

  • So maybe it was Jesus who left an idea on the wind

    Something about “today there’s a chinook and you better get out and take advantage of the warm weather by decorating a big tree” How do you get those balls on the tree when you only have a small ladder? My solution is to use copper wire to make the hook, and a long stick. The […]