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  • Latest JWildFire Images and Pictures

    latest fractal art images generated with JWildfire

  • Wimborne Current Weather Data

    An attempt to capture the current weather station data for archiving on my website.

  • Random Surfing, That’s What I like

    It’s not often I get a chance to random surf. But I took a little break to do just that. Here’s what I found: Flash, Not Flash Gordon…okay maybe him too Flash animation was great at the beginning, but it was always difficult to share and embed elsewhere. When social media came along, there were […]

  • Facebook and Phishing for Catfish

    I am seriously wondering when the worlds attraction to social media will implode. I’ve been waiting for over a decade now. Take care of your own data! I’ve just heard on the following podcast that Huber Engineered Wood Ltd. used Instagram to educate clients about improvements in building techniques and product use. The account got […]