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  • Alberta First Nations and Law

    I thought I’d do my part for a friend who is putting together a lecture for the benefit of anyone interested in law, first nations studies, and Alberta Heritage. Ruth Gorman is the person-of-interest in this lecture.  A book about her work with First Nations has been published: Behind the Man: John Laurie, Ruth Gorman, […]

  • Dull Tools Are Dangerous

    I’m quite a fan of having sharp tools. They get dull too quickly, which I tried to solve by not using them. This only made work go very slowly. The next thing I tried was developing a way to sharpen dull tools quickly, at the job-site. My favorite is the diamond plates from They […]

  • The Wife Suggested This Article

    I was bouncing ideas off my wife about what the topic of my next blog post.  She interrupted me and said “how about balancing work and personal projects??”  I got the hint right away.  If you look at the chart above, you’ll notice that at the bottom there is a project called “Home Laundry Area”.  […]

  • Tools to Love and Tools to Kill For

    Killer tools. They’re out there waiting for a user to take hold of them and go berserk on a renovation job.  Drills with more torque than the car you drive; Reciprocating saws that dim all the lights in the house when used. Tools to love Chisels with beechwood handles made in Japan by ancient Samaria […]