First Blog Post of 2019: E-Waste

I’ve been researching e-waste and recycling processes in Canada for years now. I’ve found some disturbing gaps in Canada’s handling of recyclable material.

Let us start with a video from the World Economic Forum

As far as I know there is nowhere in Alberta where individuals can sell stripped down E-waste parts.  In contrast,  across the border there are places like  where you could return e-waste the same as cashing in our empty beverage containers.  Individuals being able to SELL E-waste would encourage proper disposal if nothing else.

Your E-Waste is worth something

Yes, there are plenty of E-waste recycling facilities in Alberta. None of them pay you for your E-waste. You should know that your E-waste is worth something. If you want to know what different components are worth, I strongly suggest you check out this American site – prices are in USD – and see for yourself.

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