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  • First Blog Post of 2019: E-Waste

    I’ve been researching e-waste and found some disturbing gaps in Canada’s handling of recyclable material.

  • GMC Reborn

    GMC Reborn

    This is my first video as a professional videographer. Haha.      

  • Treaty 7 Day at Fort Calgary

    I just wanted to give a quick shout-out for the event being held at a Canadian national historic site, Fort Calgary,  [in Calgary Alberta].  I’d give some links but couldn’t find any events listing anywhere on the net! Place: Fort Calgary, Calgary, Alberta Date: September 22, 2017  

  • World Environment Day

  • How Much Does a House Weigh Part 3: Wrecking Bar Basics

    I was going to go into detail about all the tools I use for starting a building restoration project.  Then it occurred to me that I had seen an article that covered the basics on the basics.  Wrecking bars.  I found it in a January 1985 edition of The Family Handyman. I’m too busy this…

  • How Much Does a House Weigh Really

    In my last post, I was talking about house moving.  There is a whole segment of residential construction referred to in several ways. “Modular homes”, “Manufactured homes” and “Mobile homes”.  These terms describe any home which is manufactured somewhere other than where it is to be lived in – usually a factory.  The house is…