Category: Gardening

  • Gardening and Outdoor Projects

        I’ve had a little bit of a break from work, which is good. There are many projects around the acreage that need my attention. The first one is a little fence mending. Time flies by and it seems like yesterday but it was 6 years ago that I put up the fence on […]

  • Tools to Love and Tools to Kill For

    Killer tools. They’re out there waiting for a user to take hold of them and go berserk on a renovation job.  Drills with more torque than the car you drive; Reciprocating saws that dim all the lights in the house when used. Tools to love Chisels with beechwood handles made in Japan by ancient Samaria […]

  • Rain-barrel Rack Part TWO

    If you haven’t already, read Part One of this 2 part article on Rain barrel collection which goes over the platform that the barrels sit on. Here is the assembled product. Originally I mentioned that I was going to throw some plumbing into this article. So here it is.. I will admit that some of […]

  • Rainbarrel Rack Part ONE

    The images in the article have been affected by an old online storage provider I used to use a long time ago It seems that corrupted some (or all) of my images.  I have since copied what was salvageable and placed in on my server.  Some images do not have full sizes to view.  […]