Category: Gardening

  • June 1st 2022

    Hey, just a few images of what’s around the yard.  Apple blossoms always nice to see but I missed the best by a day ( no phone on me at the time). I just finished putting on the mower deck.  I treated the bottom with old candle stubs found in dumpsters. I used a heat […]

  • At the expense of looking like a tourist

    At the expense of looking like a tourist I took these 3 photos showing one small, little, lonely Maple tree most likely overlooked by the hordes of park visitors wanting to shoot “fall colours”. Male maple tree leaves turn red (shown) while female leaves turn bright orange-yellow but check these facts – I’m not a […]

  • World Environment Day

  • International Day For Biodiversity

    A really quick post, since it has been a few months since I posted anything.  It’s not that there is nothing that I think is interesting to post, just that I’ve been busy on other website work and carpentry projects. I’ve been using the excuse that I have used my twitter account to post neat […]