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  • Septic Tank Product Review; Us vs Store bought

    What am I talking about? City dwellers don’t have to worry about septic maintenance  stuff except in their portable RVs where they might have a sewage holding tank. I’m not talking about RVs here. My house is on a septic system, meaning I have to look after the maintenance of my sewage.  In my world, […]

  • Education Takes Many Forms

    Over thanksgiving, my brother dropped off a few books for me to read. “I saved them from the garbage.”  He said.  I’m shocked that someone would throw out these books. “Some you can keep, but there are a couple I just want you to store for me.” The one I wanted most was not a […]

  • The Good, The Bad and the Evil Contractors

    The summer is over and I’m back at it with the website journal.  Summer is usually a very busy time for home improvement.  There are many jobs that require warm temperatures.  In August I put Stone Effects on an aging concrete landing.  I didn’t bother to take photos to show you since the job was […]

  • Shopping at Waste Management Canada

    In rural Alberta there is a small town called Mirror. When someone refers to shopping at the Mirror mall, they are talking about the waste transfer station just outside town. There really is nowhere to go shopping In Mirror except the general store or the hardware store. If you want a good bicycle for a […]