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  • Gargoyles Got To Be Safe

    Gargoyles Got To Be Safe

    Just doing a little tiling of the laundry room. Decided to use the gargoyle as a holding place for my safety glasses. Ear protection wouldn’t fit. Before Photo

  • Happy New Year 2023

    Happy New Year 2023

    Happy New Year 2023

  • Fun tools I wish I owned

    drilling beams with Magdrill

  • Colour Matching For Painters

    I came across a great online tool for house painters and renovators today. The interesting thing is that I was looking at a computer image editing software when I found the tool. is a lightweight image editing tool that can be used directly from a USB stick. It is Open Source, and completely free.…

  • Nothing holds like a rusty nail.

    Part 2 of this bathroom redo. Here’s the link to the first part with some before pictures: The problem is not all the nails are rusty. This old style plank subfloor was nailed down without glue. The trouble is that you get nail pop which leads to squeaky floors. It’s unusual to see diagonal…

  • WordPress Maintenance and the CMS Calendar

    Websites today are a lot more like software than static pages of text and pictures. Web developers use CMS (Content Management Systems) for building websites (e.g. this site uses WordPress).   There are dozens of website CMS applications Like any software, you must continuously update it.  The site that’s visible to the public might not change…