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  • So maybe it was Jesus who left an idea on the wind

    Something about “today there’s a chinook and you better get out and take advantage of the warm weather by decorating a big tree” How do you get those balls on the tree when you only have a small ladder? My solution is to use copper wire to make the hook, and a long stick. The […]

  • Treaty 7 Day at Fort Calgary

    I just wanted to give a quick shout-out for the event being held at a Canadian national historic site, Fort Calgary,  [in Calgary Alberta].  I’d give some links but couldn’t find any events listing anywhere on the net! Place: Fort Calgary, Calgary, Alberta Date: September 22, 2017  

  • Alberta First Nations and Law

    I thought I’d do my part for a friend who is putting together a lecture for the benefit of anyone interested in law, first nations studies, and Alberta Heritage. Ruth Gorman is the person-of-interest in this lecture.  A book about her work with First Nations has been published: Behind the Man: John Laurie, Ruth Gorman, […]

  • Gardening and Outdoor Projects

        I’ve had a little bit of a break from work, which is good. There are many projects around the acreage that need my attention. The first one is a little fence mending. Time flies by and it seems like yesterday but it was 6 years ago that I put up the fence on […]