In The Beginning

I’ve always admired the blog sites of other carpenters, furniture makers and wood workers. Several good links can be found off the Taunton Publishing website. The two magazines that I often read are and

Since late 2006 I have switched back to a craft that is rooted in my childhood – Carpentry. It’s a common story: building forts as a kid becomes a career. For me there was building boats too. My summers were spend at an island cottage. If I wanted adventure, I had to have a boat. Anyones throw-away dory became my fixer-up transportation. After school was done I joined several crews with no more thought than to earn money. I learned a lot. and was inspired by several job sites I worked on. I returned to school and became a Petroleum Technologist. My hours staring at a computer are in the millions (or at least it feels that way).

When I started switching careers, I wanted to join the league of tradesmen that teach as well as build. Web logs seem a natural place to do it.

I owe a lot to the resources of the internet. I was convinced to self build my own home in 2006,. At first my response was “Are you crazy?”. When I was conveniently laid off from my employer around the same time, I changed my tune. I used the internet as a crutch for the knowledge that I had forgotten, or did not have, to be a good general contractor. the house is build now and some of the journal entries will be from the building process. Lessons learned will be lessons shared.



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