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  • Halloween 2023

    Halloween 2023

    Hey there! Thought I’d do a post on the Eve of All Hallow’s Eve. Artificial Intelligence is Scary, Right? Wrong. Headed over to https://deepai.org/ to get a post image for this blog entry. Entered the text “Slow doom metal, a witch in a frozen land”. This prompt will make more sense further below. This is…

  • Summer Heat – Is It Caused by Computers?

    It was a little hot last night, so I got up and made a few fractal movies on the computer, not thinking that this would make the house even hotter! The Movie needed a little extra, so I threw it into ShotCut and looked up some music from Freesound.org., I want to thank user “brainmack”…

  • Free Sounds at FreeSound.org

    I’m still messing around with JWildfire, and using freesound.org to make videos. Spring is here