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  • Happy New Year 2023

    Happy New Year 2023

    Happy New Year 2023

  • The Travel Home

    My travel home from Algonquin Park, November 14 – 19th 2022

  • I’ve Been Here Too Long

    I arrived on September 7th and this post date is November 7th. I’ve been working on straightening the building as you can see it’s desperately needed. The long term forecast is calling for snow and I may have stayed passed my welcome. Getting out of here during a snowstorm would not be fun. Reading? Who…

  • I Did Not Draw This

    Using the App called Vector Camera. Find it on F-Droid [ https://f-droid.org ] or on Github here: https://github.com/dozingcat/VectorCamera

  • Journey to Algonquin Park 2022

    I took the redeye from Calgary to Toronto. They changed the gate that I was supposed to leave from at the last hour. After walking forever I got to the new gate and was too late to check my carry-on bag. The good news being I didn’t have to wait to start boarding I arrived…

  • June 1st 2022

    Hey, just a few images of what’s around the yard.  Apple blossoms always nice to see but I missed the best by a day ( no phone on me at the time). I just finished putting on the mower deck.  I treated the bottom with old candle stubs found in dumpsters. I used a heat…