Category: Home Maintenance

  • Colour Matching For Painters

    I came across a great online tool for house painters and renovators today. The interesting thing is that I was looking at a computer image editing software when I found the tool. is a lightweight image editing tool that can be used directly from a USB stick. It is Open Source, and completely free. […]

  • Peel-and-Stick Tiles

    Okay people I normally don’t put crap on Instagram but There it went… Re-doing this bathroom in Blackthorn. What’s wrong with it? Let me tell you: the floor is done with peel and stick plastic tiles. They installed vanity but were too lazy to pull out the old tiles which didn’t line up with the […]

  • Frosty Transformer

    Around the beginning of November we had a strange weather system come through the region. It was mostly fog and the temperature was just low enough to have it form ice crystals on everything. As the icey crystals grew, it started to snap the electric lines from the weight. Our power was out off and […]

  • Septic Tank Product Review; Us vs Store bought

    What am I talking about? City dwellers don’t have to worry about septic maintenance  stuff except in their portable RVs where they might have a sewage holding tank. I’m not talking about RVs here. My house is on a septic system, meaning I have to look after the maintenance of my sewage.  In my world, […]