I came across a great online tool for house painters and renovators today. The interesting thing is that I was looking at a computer image editing software when I found the tool.

https://photodemon.org/ is a lightweight image editing tool that can be used directly from a USB stick. It is Open Source, and completely free. I was looking at the list of contributors to the software – other software modules that make it work.

Among the list was a software I had not heard of: https://www.easyrgb.com/en/.

EasyRGB provides a unique search engine to professionally handle color data and commercial colors references”


Basically there are a set of tools to help you with paint colours and cross referencing them to different Brand Names.

Okay people I normally don’t put crap on Instagram but There it went… Re-doing this bathroom in Blackthorn. What’s wrong with it? Let me tell you: the floor is done with peel and stick plastic tiles. They installed vanity but were too lazy to pull out the old tiles which didn’t line up with the new vanity. No filler strips on the right side or on the back side leaving ugly gaps visible. Who did this?

If you’re going to use cheap peel and stick tiles you might as well do a crappy job installing them too. No sense lining up the tiles. Leaving a gap is a place for water to get in and wreck your crappy job. Good idea!

I was informed after complaining about peel-and-stick tiles that they shrink with time.  Most likely installed without gaps

Either way, who did this!?

Around the beginning of November we had a strange weather system come through the region. It was mostly fog and the temperature was just low enough to have it form ice crystals on everything. As the icey crystals grew, it started to snap the electric lines from the weight. Our power was out off and on for a week. The longest duration was 2 days.




Since the house is relatively new, most appliances are very efficient to run.  This means that the power consumption is low, requiring a smaller generator.  I have a 3000kwh generator which can produce a peak of 4000kwh The generator ran the following items in the house and was never running under a load:

  •   Furnace with high efficiency DC motor
  • Tankless gas-fired hot water heater
  • 2 small chest freezers
  • Refrigerator

I have been meaning to put a plug end on our well pump so we can get water.  People connected to municipal water systems don’t have to worry about this but for me I have to power my own water pump.  The farm across the highway uses a tractor generator, or as it’s commonly called a PTO generator


Septic tank on Beam truck
Delivery truck in position for unloading septic tank

What am I talking about?

City dwellers don’t have to worry about septic maintenance  stuff except in their portable RVs where they might have a sewage holding tank. I’m not talking about RVs here.

My house is on a septic system, meaning I have to look after the maintenance of my sewage.  In my world, stuff that goes down the drain doesn’t just disappear off my property automatically.

“To kick start your septic, throw an old steak in the tank” is what I heard a relative say when I was talking about my new septic tank being installed.  “What? Does it have to be a good cut or just a round steak?”

That’s crazy talk but it would work.  However, you don’t have to throw anything into your septic tank.  In fact I would recommend you stay away from the tank.  Keep the lid on the tank and don’t take it off.  Especially not to throw good food down the hole.  Don’t put good money in your septic tank either.  By that I mean those store bought chemicals that have weird names

Don’t take my word for it.  the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Commission has some great articles on home building/ownership.  Here’s the link to “Your Septic System” and a quote from the article:

Some manufacturers promote the use of septic tank “cleaners”, “starters” or “enhancers” to aid in the digestion of the waste. These products are typically of little value and are not recommended.

When we moved into the new house, complete with new, empty, clean septic system, we followed some very old traditions to get the septic system working. We held a house party with lots of food and drink.  The result was a lot of #&$! going into the tank when everybody used the bathroom.  From there anaerobic bacteria took over.

Mother nature can be really helpful.

here are some more pictures of my septic tank installation.  Click on the picture to go to the full size image.

Septic tank installation
Tank is being lowered into the big hole

trench with ladder during septic tank installation
trench with ladder during septic tank installation

Septic Tank with Collar on Top
Septic tank placed and collars installed