Frosty Transformer

Around the beginning of November we had a strange weather system come through the region. It was mostly fog and the temperature was just low enough to have it form ice crystals on everything. As the icey crystals grew, it started to snap the electric lines from the weight. Our power was out off and on for a week. The longest duration was 2 days.




Since the house is relatively new, most appliances are very efficient to run.  This means that the power consumption is low, requiring a smaller generator.  I have a 3000kwh generator which can produce a peak of 4000kwh The generator ran the following items in the house and was never running under a load:

  •   Furnace with high efficiency DC motor
  • Tankless gas-fired hot water heater
  • 2 small chest freezers
  • Refrigerator

I have been meaning to put a plug end on our well pump so we can get water.  People connected to municipal water systems don’t have to worry about this but for me I have to power my own water pump.  The farm across the highway uses a tractor generator, or as it’s commonly called a PTO generator