My Horoscope for 2022

The year 2022

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

  • Calgary Herald
  • 8 Jan 2022

“If you have no enemies, you have no character. Taking a stand always creates opposition.” — Paul Newman (Jan. 26, 1925- Sept. 26, 2008)


You are independent and freedom-loving. Most of you are rebels who fight for the greatest good for the greatest number. You start unions. You’re passionate about social causes, equality for all and helping the underdog. You’re concerned about ecological issues and challenges that threaten our forests, lakes, rivers and oceans. (You want to save the planet before bedtime.) Your ability to network and deal with groups is superb. You sign petitions and rally others for a cause. You are more futuristic than others because you were born 50 years ahead of your time. You love airplanes, helicopters, rocket science, astronomy and astrology. You might be a technogeek or an inventor. You’re a wonderful, loyal friend.


The early ’90s were eventful because after having given up a lot, you started on a new path. At the turn of the millennium, you moved to better digs. Around 2009, life was a mixed bag. Some support you previously had was reduced, yet Jupiter boosted your confidence. By 2014-2015, you improved your health and your job.

By 2018, you began to let go of people, places and possessions. Increased popularity in 2019 led to some self-scrutiny that took place in 2020 when many of you got in touch with your inner self.

Last year, lucky Jupiter was in your sign, along with Saturn, which was both uplifting and sobering. Once again, you have entered a window when you will reinvent yourself by 2028.

HELLO, 2022.

Good news. When it comes to your job and standing in the community, this year — you will get richer. Therefore, heed the advice of Joe Moore: “A simple fact that is hard to learn is that the time to save money is when you have some.”

This increased wealth is timely because Saturn will be in your sign until March 2023. This might make you feel old, regardless of your age. Your joints feel stiff. You might have teeth problems. Saturn in your sign is always a serious time in your life. Last year was the beginning of a big learning curve for you that began your journey of reinventing yourself by 2028-2029. (Like you did in the ’90s.)

Even though you’re earning more money this year, your mindset might be a bit discouraged. (Weird, but true.) You might feel world-weary or very cautious. This is the influence of Saturn, which wants to safeguard everything and never take a chance.

The truth is that when Saturn leaves your sign next year (March 2023), you will feel much younger, more lighthearted and even healthier. And definitely happier.


More than any other sign, you value friendship. You bring interesting characters home for dinner. This year, friendship will be more upbeat because you feel more relaxed. Possibly, because you’re less worried about money. You will be more inclined to pick up the tab. You will socialize more and enjoy vacations and fun getaways with pals.

After July, you will be unusually active. The tempo of your everyday life will accelerate. Because you will identify strongly with your ideas and opinions (and for the rest of the year), you might be argumentative with others. You will want to convince them of your beliefs.

Grab every opportunity to help others and be generous to those who are less fortunate because this will be the true riches that you acquire this year.


Because you feel more financially secure, you’ll find it rewarding to be able to pay for courses, sports and vacations, plus perks like food on the table and a roof overhead.

A strong influence that was present last year (and continues this year) is your desire to get rid of what you don’t need. You’ll continue to go through closets, attics, storage spaces doing garage sales and recycling or giving away stuff. Lighten up. Freedom is a feeling you value.

You will be unusually convincing after July and for the rest of the year. This will make you an effective teacher. But resist the temptation to bombard your family with ideas.


“This year I feel richer and I like it.”


You will renovate or redecorate your home in 2023-24. Some will sell and move. Others will rent something different. You might also expand your family.

Around 2025 (give or take a year), take a vacation. This is also a great year to enjoy sports, younger people and the entertainment world. You will derive much joy from your kids.

Around 2026, you will improve your health and your job. Make note of this because if you aren’t happy with your job — get a better one. Close partnerships will thrive in 2027. This is one of the best years in over a decade for your sign to get married. Meanwhile, around 2026-2028, job changes and residential moves are likely. Around 2028 (give or take a year), you might inherit or get the financial and practical support that you need to solidify your home base and make home improvements. Be smart and save some of this money because, by 2029, you want to travel. Perhaps increased travel or further training and education is why your career will shine in 2030?

All hail Aquarius.


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