New To Me Laptop

I’m currently in the middle of reinstalling the operating system on a laptop I acquired from my daughter. An intel i3 system with only 4 gigs of memory. Also the computer’s battery is toast. I need to get these two things fixed. I plan on maxing out the memory – whatever that is – to 16 gigs I hope. More memory always makes a computer faster no matter what else you have.

Mobile Career Hunting

I’ve been looking at new ways to display data on WordPress.  There are a lot of great plug-ins out there.  I tried out M-Charts which is compatible with Highcharts.  I’ve been wanting to highlight some of my skills to potential clients.  Right now the site is very heavy with my renovation work, very photogenic stuff.

Hey, I made this!

Thomas G. Hepburn

[chart id=”1436″]