The Holy Grail of Rural Addressing

Map clipart

Remember that scene in Iron Man 3 where Tony Stark gives out his address to the terrorists “…come and get me”.  Well if that were me I’d be safe:

343057 HWY 805, Red Deer County.

Good luck finding me on Google Maps

Sometimes Canada Post can’t find me. My old address was “RR 4, Innisfail, Alberta”,  not even a Post Office Box.  My address has been updated to a modern address which is supposed to help in the case of an emergency.   It’s been almost 10 years and FedEx  just figured out what UPS has known for 10+ years – how to locate my driveway.

Google still can’t figure out the Alberta rural addressing system either. Shocking, I know.

A Solution Right Under Our Nose

Europe is always ahead of the curve. From Europe came a new addressing system for the whole world, not matter where you live.  I encourage you to check out What 3 Words –

I’ve been waving the What3Word banner for years.