Days Of My Life I Can’t Get Back

I decided to update to a new computer and do a fresh install of Windows 10. The old system I was using has Linux Mint with Cinnamon desktop. I say has since it is still acting as my document server.

One week later and I’ve got most things working. It was so much more than just installing Windows 10.

First off the monitors were not working. only by switching them around (left to right and vs-versa) did they work. I’m not sure what that was about. I checked the video driver for updates etc, etc. but found nothing new.

Windows [still] cannot remote desktop into a 3D desktop environment so I had to install a 2D desktop onto my Linux Mint machine. Finally that worked.

Set up all my email connections, RSS connections, bookmarks, cloud services, took a little time too.

Finally onto applications. downloading isn’t that fast where so there was some lag time: Sketchup Make, GIMP, QGIS, FileZilla, iTunes, FireFox and Chrome [for testing sites] Open Office and MS Office 365. I’m torn about which text editor I like best for web development. I think I’m going for Brackets and UltraEdit.

My new computer is starting to feel comfortable. The last thing to do is pick a desktop wallpaper from



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