The Wife Suggested This Article

Gantt Chart of Projects underway
Gantt Chart

I was bouncing ideas off my wife about what the topic of my next blog post.  She interrupted me and said “how about balancing work and personal projects??”  I got the hint right away.  If you look at the chart above, you’ll notice that at the bottom there is a project called “Home Laundry Area”.  We’ve been living in this house now for 4 years and the laundry room is still not done.  My wife has laundry envy when she goes to other peoples home where there is a counter top to fold cloths.

I tried to tell her the problem would be solved if she would just buy me a second set of tools.  That way I could work on the home projects in the evening and still have my tools at the job-site.  Ouch.  I should not have said that.

The chart above shows the truth.  I will have finished 3 paid jobs before I finish one small job at home.  Believe me, the Laundry room is not a big job, but It looks huge on the chart!  I needed something to show the big picture for upcoming projects.  John MacKenzie (the same John named in all the projects)  Is a business coach.  I asked him how to used the timeline chart after I found one for my Ipad.  A timeline chart shows “time elapsed” not how long it takes to do the job.  In “Spring Gardening”  We buy the seed in March if we order from a catalog, and I’m going to post an ad looking for composted manure  this weekend: 1 hour worth of effort but we started March 1st and it’s now March 19th.

The purple Bathroom project will have to be extended (sorry Cathy).  I haven’t been able to get to them for a week.  My daughter is just finishing up her skating show and tests.  The wife is away so I’m chauffeur.   The Timeli App has it’s own website here.