About Me

I wanted to join the league of tradesmen that teach as well as build. Web logs seem a natural place to teach for the purpose of self-advertising. Jack of Trades Journal is my endeavor to sell my skills as a self taught trades-person.

So, you want to know all about me. Well since you could be anybody, I better choose my words carefully. You might be a random soul sitting in front of your internet browser window half way around the world, in which case it wouldn’t matter what I typed. On the other hand you might be the person who recently interviewed me for a job that I’m excited about; you googled my name, found me here and now are deciding the fate of my change in careers.

Let me give you a geographical reference. I now live near Wimborne, Alberta, Canada. Wimborne is what I call a one-horse-town. There is nothing there really. I live in a house that I had built for me (I was the general contractor). The house sits on 4 acres of land and has vast views of the Alberta prairie.

I grew to the age of nine, in southern Ontario, Canada. I was surrounded by small fields bordered by rows of maple trees mixed with thornbushes. Every summer I would go up to “the Cottage” which is located in the middle of Algonquin Park, Ontario.

I moved west and lived in several major western cities during my highschool years. After graduation, I went to Vancouver with a friend and worked construction and odd jobs for the summer. I learned a lot about the trades, and enjoyed many of the experienced workers that I helped. I made up my mind that I wanted to return to school while attending the BC & Yukon Chamber of Mines Prospecting School.

After returning to Alberta, I lived with my sister and saved for school. I attended SAIT and graduated from the Petroleum Engineering Technology program. I returned to carpentry for almost a year before my diploma gained me a rewarding career in Exploration. I worked for major oil companies and consulting firms in Calgary for over 12 years. My hours staring at a computer screen is in the millions (or at least it seems that way). I supported software with websites I created and worked on databases housing millions of tiny little numbers. My career in Calgary plays an important role in this website. The topics covered here can include petroleum depletion and alternative energy, web design and graphics, along with all the “handyman” stuff. It’s all things I know.

During my career, I married and now have 2 children and 2 cats on this homestead. My desision to leave the city life was mostly for more challenge in my daily life. city life is full of convience, which is great unless you thrive on challenge. Work life provides challenge to those who seek it out and for home life the same applies. There was no grand idea of becoming farmers or living off the grid. we just like the private life (and here I am telling the whole world my life’s story). Here there are no neighbours to complain about my weeds, or to compliment my clean siding.

When we purchased the property we are on now, there was just a mobile house and detached garage. It was our intention to build a new house on the property right away. It took over a year before we broke ground on the new house. part of the reason was that Alberta was experiencing one of the biggest housing booms of the past 25 years. I was unable to secure a general contractor. I did however get the services of an excellent framing crew. The company foreman talked with me and suggested I general my own home. I didn’t feel I was qualified for the job, but I succeeded with much help from many different people.

The internet was a great help for me while building, an is my number one tool. One of my favorite sayings is “Knowledge is power”. I’ve always admired the blog sites of other carpenters, furniture makers and wood workers. Several good links can be found off the Taunton Publishing website. The two magazines that I often read are Finehomebuidling.com and Finewoodworking.com.

People have said that I am a good writer. I’ve been asked a time or two for assistance in technical writing jobs, however I just don’t do that much writing. my goal with this site is to practice writing. I hope that along the way someone will gain some useful information. I need people to comment on the writing if I’m ever to improve my style.

So, that’s me. Now click somewhere else, like here.