Just a little picture of how I’m processing these discarded transformers. 

After crushing you separate the copper windings similar to getting the peanut out of the shell to eat – while drinking beer of course!

The end result of 28 transformers in about 3 hours. The steel weight is 45lbs. The copper 9lbs. Using today’s unusually high prices here is the result:

Before ValueAfter Processing
Steel: 45lbs x $0.12/lbs = $5.72
Copper: 9.0 lbs x $4.43/lbs = $39.87
55 lbs x $0.25/lbs = $13.75Net gain: $45.59 – $13.75 =$31.84
Time spent = 2hrs

The last line represents the question: What is your time worth?

You have to recognize that I was “working” for minimum wage – or worse. (Scrap metal prices are quite high in 2nd Q 2022, inflated almost 50% over averages ). I would call it working in the loosest terms since I was doing it my own way [beer / no beer, music loud / music soft ]. I was listening to my favourite show from Twit Networks and having fun. Work? No.

If you plan on doing this for a living, there are much faster ways to process scrap transformers, and these transformers are some of the smallest I have ever broken down. Too small for a full time scrapper to bother with.

At the expense of looking like a tourist I took these 3 photos showing one small, little, lonely Maple tree most likely overlooked by the hordes of park visitors wanting to shoot “fall colours”. Male maple tree leaves turn red (shown) while female leaves turn bright orange-yellow but check these facts – I’m not a botonist.

All photos of the same tree.

You can see this on Instagram too:
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