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  • Valentine heart pack

    Valentine heart pack

    Some free clip-art for Valentine’s Day

  • Fall Streamers

    Fall Streamers

    Nothing to say here. It’s fall, one of the best seasons. No bugs (well, some flies), cool nights and warm days (mostly). I finally got around to installing my own news aggregator on www.whodidthis.ca. Any suggestions, just send them my way. And a fractal image, of course. (click on image for full size)

  • Summer Heat – Is It Caused by Computers?

    It was a little hot last night, so I got up and made a few fractal movies on the computer, not thinking that this would make the house even hotter! The Movie needed a little extra, so I threw it into ShotCut and looked up some music from Freesound.org., I want to thank user “brainmack”…

  • A couple more fractal images

    Here are a couple more images you can have, my dear internet.

  • Free Sounds at FreeSound.org

    I’m still messing around with JWildfire, and using freesound.org to make videos. Spring is here

  • Gargoyles Got To Be Safe

    Gargoyles Got To Be Safe

    Just doing a little tiling of the laundry room. Decided to use the gargoyle as a holding place for my safety glasses. Ear protection wouldn’t fit. Before Photo