Privacy policy


Hi and welcome. Did you stumble in here unintentionally, or do you really want to see if I have a privacy policy?

Well, I’m generally about common sense, not policies and procedures.  Since this page exists on I must be a hypocrite.

Not exactly.

Types of information I collect

I track your computers’ request(s) for information using Google Analytics.  I do NOT TRACK YOU!  If you suffer from technopanic and think I know everything about you, you are completely wrong.  go here, ( network)  to learn more about the difference between tracking IP addresses and tracking people.  The former is completely normal, the latter is often illegal in most developed countries.

And NO, I will not comply with some European law that requires me to announce that I use cookies on this site and annoy you by making you click some button which assumes that you are okay with it when you do so.  It’s crazy!  I’m in Canada to begin with.  So is my hosting company. 

Use of Information

I use the information for fun, but mostly for my own education of how website analytics and web traffic works.


This is not an adult content site.  I’m pretty sure that there’s nothing here that kids can’t see.  I’m a parent too.

Contact information

Thomas Hepburn
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