Thomas Hepburn


Expanded Skills and Knowledge


Communication Skills

  • Reading maps, schematics and diagrams
  • Creating maps, schematics, diagrams
  • Writing Technical documents and instruction manuals
  • Writing business letters, reports
  • Writing descriptive essays and compact statements
  • Proof-reading and checking technical documents for accuracy
  • Public Speaking and communicating with public
  • Training for groups and individual training

Examples of How I demonstrate Communication Skills

  • Daily map updating for Census of Population 2016
  • Modification of As-Built drawing in the petroleum industry
  • Creation of user manual for 3D geological modelling software
  • Quality checks on enumerators census forms
  • Estimating renovation jobs and submitting to client for approval
  • Discussion of desired project outcomes with potential client of home renovations
  • Writing descriptions of business services for web clients
  • Training enumerators for Census of Population 2016
  • Billing and tracking costs for self-employment

Equipment Use/Maintenance Skills

  • Carpentry power tool use and safety
  • Automotive repair tools use and care
  • Household electrical testing equipment use and interpretation
  • Building structural identification and modification
  • Household plumbing repairs and modifications

Examples of How I Demonstrate Equipment Use Skills

  • Renovate customer’s bathrooms without assistance of sub-trades
  • Maintain and repair all my personal vehicles
  • Maintain and repair acreage yard equipment
  • Installed all electrical components in new construction of personal home
  • Jacking and temporary support of structures for modification to load-bearing walls.
  • Checking home wiring and amp loads on circuits.

Installation Skills

  • Installing new mechanical system
  • Installing new computer systems
  • Installation of new computer applications

Examples of How I Demonstrate Installation Skills

  • Installing new electrical panels in client’s homes
  • Installing new bathroom fixtures in clients homes
  • Installing new Linux/Windows operating system for employer
  • Installing CMS on web server for clients
  • Installing open-source applications on client websites.
  • Installing tile heat system for clients home

Management Skills

  • Managing finances
  • Managing people resources
  • Managing material resources

Examples of How I Demonstrate Management Skills

  • Tracking and recording self-employment expenses for tax purposes
  • allocating enumerators for efficient collection of census data
  • tracking use of shop supplies for carpentry work
  • tracking renewal dates and bandwidth usage of client websites
  • Using Gantt charts for measuring distance to goals in Census of population 2016

Mathematics Skills

  • Working with 3D mathematical models
  • Estimating numerical outcomes.
  • Construction of mathematical models

Examples of How I Demonstrate Mathematics Skills

  • Estimating total costs for renovation projects
  • Use of calculus and trigonometry in mapping applications
  • QA of data results from 3D geological modelling software
  • Interpretation of geometry results in mapping software

Science Skills

  • Creating Questionnaires to test hypothesis
  • Analyzing people behaviors
  • Observing and recording collected samples

Examples of How I Demonstrate Science Skills

  • Observing and interpreting cutting samples off drilling rigs
  • Analyzing collected user data from websites to enhance user experience
  • Creating effective questionnaires to obtain valuable data for clients

Social Skills

  • Tutoring Team members
  • Promoting positive workplace
  • Rewarding goal achievement
  • Pairing workers based on personality types.

Examples of How I Demonstrate Social Skills

  • Providing one-on-one training to improve team member job performance on Census of Population 2016
  • Acknowledging employees working in difficult settings through safety support and teamwork
  • Offer of most desirable work to best Enumerator as work achievement award.
  • Pairing off team members in on-site consulting services for United Oil and Gas consulting team.

Technology/Programming Skills

  • Installing and configuring computer operating systems
  • Operating system cleaning, optimizing and virus removal
  • Modifications of websites layout and animated display
  • Modification of excel worksheet through programming

Examples of How I Demonstrate Programming Skills

  • Aquiring waypoints from environmental monitors and doing cross-referencing for overlap and uniqueness.
  • Developing excel programs to do QA on input data for 3D Geological mapping software.
  • programming scripts to modify output data from 3D Software model to suite custom requirements of clients.
  • Developing a custom spreadsheet for Transcanada Ltd. to dynamically update as new data is added though batch processing by external data supplies

Thought Processing Skills

  • Finding cost effective solutions for internet applications required for customers
  • Creating an effective user manual and complimentary teaching aids to pair with complex computer software application
  • Identifying an alternative approach to learning for trainees who are having difficulties.

Examples of How I Demonstrate Though Processing Skills

  • Identifying the suitability for using a survey application for screening job applicants in a questionnaire style format.
  • Developing screen capture videos to demonstrate “how-to” instructions in addition to a written manual for SMART3D Modelling Software
  • Complimenting the written course material with a role-playing session for enumerators in training for Census of Population 2016