2018 Fall Reading

We had one of our relatives downsize a lifetimes worth of reading. We had to sadly let boxes and boxes of books be donated simply for the lack of space in our home. We did take a small sampling of books. I’ve been going through some of them. I’ve updated Openlibrary.org where needed. Here’s what I’ve been reading

You can always improve your productivity.  The reason I like this author is that he does not make a distinction between personal tasks and work tasks. David Allen’s philosophy is that everything should have the same approach. There is also advice on how to feel fine about what you’re NOT doing, something I suffer from.

This is a wonderful book on biology written for the non-scientist or “nature lover”. I found out that this book is on the Internet Archives Wish List. I’m going to donate it if the shipping cost is not too much.

Stephan Leacock was a great humorist for me. I got a laugh from his collected works. By reading this biography, I learned that his humor writing was a sideline of his career. An interesting figure in Canadian history

This storybook was stress relieving. Life in the countryside. Rural farmland once upon a time was in balance with nature and not controlling it. The stories told of wildlife, farm life, housework and social life around the 1930’s of southern Ontario.