The Story of RRRx

The Medicine of House Repair

After the second or third drug fueled carpentry remodels, this little house confused most people simply wanting to use the bathroom.

Who Did This?

In a hamlet small enough to find out who-does-what by hanging out at the local café, locals know the story. It was told to me thus:

A man worked in Ft. McMurray and made too much money, started doing drugs and renovations. The end

The renovations reflect the madness within.  There are over 21 steel support posts in the basement.  “Someone was trying to level the floor” was the explanation I got.  Why not use 6 and some 4×4 post and save yourself hundreds of cocaine-snorting bills?

Not sure.

It’s Not Monopoly Money

Maybe it was all bought locally – panel board, panel board,and more panel board. Not to mention the 21 teleposts used to create a maze in the basement – they are not cheap.

Well I’m not from around here. An out-of-town fella. I am Not using bead board, panel board or whatever you call it.

Why I Was Called In

No, I did not do the above mentioned things.  No! I don’t snort baking powder!

I was asked by a family member to make sense of the bathroom / laundry bedroom configuration.  I only took pictures of the drywall stage.  Boring.

Drywall is the finished wall for me.

Drywall out sells all other building materials. If you got the right tools and a little know-how you can put drywall up in a single room 15 minutes or less. The best tool for cutting around electrical boxes is a Rotozip. RotoZip is a brand name but basically I’m talking about a rotary tool with high RPM and a spiral cut bit that is used to plunge and cut around electrical boxes door frames and window frames. The tip of the bit usually has a smooth end and acts as a bearing guide.

The other essential tool is a t-square. Get one that’s 4 feet long. With this you can make almost every cut on the sheets of drywall. You score the front then bend to 45 or 90 degrees and cut the back side. I like to smooth off all my edges with a rasp but this is optional. Just remember the drywall tape is 2 in wide. it offers a lot of wiggle room


Playing in the mud as a grown up

I applied joint compound to all the joints and sanded them to a paint-ready finish. I forgot my mud mixing paddle so improvised and used a spatula. Crazy but it worked.