Fall Reading

When I arrived back in the office, I fired up WordPress and did some updates.  One Plugin, OpenBook Book Data, had a new update.  I was glad to see the code had been revived since I’m a big fan of the Open Data, books, and WordPress.  This plugin combines all three!  The update didn’t work as planned, but I’ve got it working and let the developer know of the issues, along with my workaround.

I didn’t finish every book I bought over the summer. I found a lot of good books.  Some were free, most were damn cheap!  They all get added to the Undiscovered Library in my basement.  Except for one, which is a gift.

Building miniature houses and furniture Building miniature houses and furnitureDorie Krusz; Arco Publishing Inc. 1980WorldCatLibraryThingGoogle BooksBookFinder I bought this book for friend.  She is an avid doll house maker.  I picked this book up and a used book sale east of Algonquin Park.  There are many drawings and illustrations.  The book is in black and white only.

Scams, scandals, and skulduggery Scams, scandals, and skulduggery: a selection of the world’s most outrageous fraudsAndreas Schroeder; M & S 1996WorldCatLibraryThingGoogle BooksBookFinder this book I actually found that a waste transfer site on the west side of Algonquin Park.  There was a little shed which had a book exchange and free items to take.  There are many stories in the book of scammers, one of which was the guy in the movie “Catch Me If You Can”.  I was surprised to find out how much of that movie was actually real and accurate.  The book was written by a member of the CBC broadcast corporation.  There was a radio show under the same name and the stories in the book were the best-of and most highly requested stories of the radio show.

Fine Woodworking Techniques Book 1 Fine Woodworking Techniques Book 1Editors of Fine Woodworking Magazine; Taunton Pr 1981WorldCatLibraryThingGoogle BooksBookFinder 

This is an old book, which has been updated in a new edition.  I picked it up at a large book sale in Eganville, Ontario. I still love these older technical books .  I have the magazines in electronic format and the chapters are taken from the magazine.

The Demographic Cliff The Demographic Cliff: How to survive and prosper during the great deflation ahedHarry S. Dent Jr.; Portfolio/Penguin 2015WorldCatLibraryThingGoogle BooksBookFinder 

Very interesting read!  Again, the author has updated this book with newer editions but the main points remain the same.  I found this book at the Huntsville public library.

Fresh woods. Fresh woods.Niall, Ian.; William Heinemann 1951WorldCatLibraryThingGoogle BooksBookFinder 

One book I was reading when I left, which was signed by R. L. Hepburn.  Basically a book about a kid living in Scotland that is a naturalist.