The Word in WordPress and The New Look


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I’m quite bias.  WordPress is the only platform that I’m using right now for website development.  I’m not actually familiar with the others (Joomla, Drupal, etc, etc..).  WordPress is now the number one web cms technology.  But, with greatness comes the people who love to hate successful things/people.  Every time I find a wordpress theme I like, I have to scrub the code of all the Mal-ware it contains.  I can only image – since I’ve never been to the holy land – that it’s like travelling to the holy land and watching out for terrorists, or being the Pope and having to ride in a bullet-proof glass chariot. I never used to worry about malware when I used wordpress CMS, but now it’s just standard stuff.

It’s easier to download a “free” theme and scour the naughty bits of code from the theme files  than to code my own theme.  Yes I’m lazy, er no!  I’m just short of time.  I was about half done converting an old HTML theme into WordPress when I found that the original author had beat me to it.  I was happy to see that a really good programmer had taken some of his old HTML templates and updated them for WordPress, one of which I really liked back when HTML templates were all that you had.  At least this theme I could trust.  It’s a simple straightforward theme that I can tweek when I get feedback from my imaginary readers.

So, the site’s new look is from Michael Heilemann – and is available at

For those who don’t know, WordPress is a website platform application.  What’s a platform application?  It’s basically a bunch of files that you load onto a server and after following a how-to article you have a user interface that makes website building very easy.   You still need to know some HTML and CSS.  If your deathly afraid of looking at programming code, WordPress will work, but you won’t get all the bells and whistles.   The best place to play around with WordPress, minus the uploading mucky-muck is   Without knowing any code, using WordPress can lead you into trouble since it’s designed to be “hacked” in the fun sense of the word.  However, making it open[source] makes it open to Mal-ware attacks. Which brings me to my next point.

Mal-ware and Free Stuff.

Read this article if you are NOT afraid of programming code:   Why You Should Never Search For Free WordPress Themes, but for those afraid of code, here’s the skinny: When you use WordPress, there are lots of neat things that you can “add on” called plugins.  There are also lots of neat “Themes” that give your site a really, really cool look with almost doing nothing.  ONLY use  plug-ins and themes that come from

If your new to the website building world, do not fear!  GO! NOW!  Build your site! Have fun, and call me when you get there.

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