Winter Hibernation Is Over

This Blog has been sleeping.  I’ve been working, however my posts have not gone to print.  Lately the weather has been very spring-like in Alberta and I’m itching to get outside and do some landscaping.  It’s not going to happen today.  With spring comes the spring rain.  Instead I’ve been busy with our own home project in the basement.  Our house never got a proper laundry room.  I’ll explain why.

Very early in the construction of a house, the sewer pipes have to get installed under what will become the basement floor.  I didn’t have a plumber contracted and the floor was ready to be poured.  I did my best to install the drains in the gravel base.  Later when the floor was poured and hard as… well, concrete  I realized one of my pipes sticking through the floor was too far away from the wall where the laundry tub, washing machine and dryer were to be installed.  This caused a chain reaction:  the wall could not be built; the cabinets could not be installed; the laundry tub could not be installed.  So my wife had a laundry area that was no more than two appliances stuck in the corner of our basement.  The wall wasn’t even insulated behind the appliances.

It seems to be common that the laundry area is an unfinished room in the home.  All (except for one) of the homes I’ve been in to do renovations have unfinished laundry rooms.  New homes are an exception.  Developers have realized that this room can be an attractive selling feature when finished properly.  Doing laundry is a chore most of us don’t enjoy doing.  Having to do it in an unfinished, cold room makes it even more undesirable.

For myself, the obvious benefit will be the extra storage space when the cabinets are installed.  The counter top will be 5 feet including the sink.  Not much room to fold summer beach towels but better than nothing.  Above I’ll be able to get 8 feet of cabinets.  Lot of room for stuff ‘n’ stuff!

I’ll post some links to and the off with the computer and on with the tool belt.

Here’s what I’ve been reading lately:

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