Google is Reading Your Blog Before You Do

I just finished tweeking my “About Me” section a little bit and when I finished uploading, I noticed that the advertisement was for the Canadian Oil sands website. The fact that the words petroleum, career, and technology are in the post has a lot to do with the advertisement that Google picked for me to see. If you don’t believe that there is a connection, just read the book Planet Google by Randall Stross. Or, you can read Google’s official blog site for yourself. Google’s power has come from knowing how to analyse the written word and connect advertisements to search strings. Now that they have Google Apps, the stuff you enter into the “App” is going directly to a Google server somewhere. And what they can do with that text was/is explained in the user agreement that nobody ever reads.

As I’ve pointed out before, I know a thing or two about web design and publishing. Currently I’m downloading and listening to the Search Engine Show podcasts to keep on top of the technology on the internet. The show has some funny stories which show how the internet is changing our lives, sometimes in startling ways. I have a few good reasons why I am not on facebook or twitter and those reasons are explained on the Search Engine Podcasts from 2009. This page can be copied – and will be copied to every computer that requests it.

So go ahead, plagerize my words. cut’n’paste your mouse off! It’s all free including the ads.