What to give a Jack-of-Trades for Christmas

It’s boxing day. I’m ready to explode from all the Christmas pudding, turkey, sweet potatoes and high calorie everything. I’m gonna work off some of those calories by typing! Yah.

I asked for the following items:

  1. Gift certificate to KMS Tools
  2. Gift certificate to Princess Auto
  3. Shop clock
  4. Lee Valley Gift certificate
  5. Jeans

Many people, me included, feel that there is something wrong with giving a gift certificate for a gift. The assumption is there that you, the gift giver, were too lazy to find them an appropriate gift. At this point in my logic, I’m reminded of what my friend in China told me. Almost always cash is given as the gift in most celebrations. The Chinese don’t seem to have the same hang-up about giving cash.

Our family, along with all the relatives, have adopted a policy of not giving gifts between adults. We used to draw names for each person to give a single gift with a monetary limit. After a few years we decided to take the same money and choose a charity to give the money too. for the past 2 years it has been the Red Deer Woman’s Shelter on my side, and on my wife’s side it is the Canadian Diabetes Association. I did get the shop clock and it looks great. The kids do a name draw between cousins and the rules for the gift are that it has to be home made.