Water, Water Everywhere…None to Drink

Currently I have been keeping myself busy on the homestead. We are looking at getting a new water treatment system for the house. I was at the Red Deer Home and Acreage Show in March and gathered some information. We are expected to go with Culligan since they manufacture the products they sell.

If you were on my Hepburn Home Page, one of the issues I ranted about was the lack of trees on the prairies. Well, I am planting trees! More than I can keep watered. I have most of my day filled by switching garden hoses from one seedling to another. My wife had connections and got us 300 (yes! tree-hundred 🙂 green ash trees which needed planting immediately. We only got around 100 into the ground. By now the trees, which came bare-root, are nearly dead. Mold has started to grow on the bare roots of the tiny trees.

As for carpentry projects, I am drafting several documents which I will post in the fall. They were culminated from my jobs over the past winter. I had the foresight to take good pictures, which I have to upload whenever I am in town.