Reno On the Upside of Down

I have just finished re-enforcing some floor joists that were cut to accommodate a drain pipe for a new shower stall. The home is from the post-war era and has had may renovations done to it over the years. The last renovation saw a couple of jokers doing the bathroom installation. The shower leaked onto the kitchen ceiling. After the drywall came down, it was found that the joist had 1.5 inch bottom notches and top notches and 4 holes all within a 3 foot span. During the correction of the badly aligned drain pipe, the entire section of joist was removed and headers installed on either side of the new drain. Getting the floor members back in was a challenge due to the wires running through the area.

I took some photos with my Palm Treo camera phone and will post the photos tonight. I am satisfied that the floor will be solid. Now, on to trimming out the windows the homeowner requested. The windows will have a sill added on to match the 1950’s style trim work that is around some of the other windows. I’m excited to use my Makita 1101 router. I always save the fun stuff for the end of the day!

On blogger I noticed this interesting site: I think I will ad a link list to my page