My name is Thomas Hepburn.  I’m glad you dropped by my little vitual office.  There’s not much room in the real one, but out here it goes on forever.  This site is a blog and a site for people interested in getting to know who I am and what I do.

Do you have much time?  In a hurry? I’ll be here whenever you need a break.




The old site was made to look out-of-date on purpose.  Not many people got the irony of it.  A modern WordPress  driven site that looked – and felt – old. Get it? No? Here’s the old look in a screenshot:

Look of site before August 2015
Say goodbye to an old look


I Build Websites…sometimes


I have 10+ years of web development experience and have been making websites since 1998.  I offer services to small businesses wanting to get started in web marketing and online content management.

For those who have dreams of an e-commerce site, I have some comic relief for you.  A video by Google Analytics Team.  Quite funny.


I support open source initiatives in many different forms.  Many of them I use to create client’s websites and in turn help with debugging and documentation in the community.  See below and click on any icon to take you to the website’s homepage to learn more about it/them.





Open Refine helps you work with messy data



Open Source Initiative


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Owncloud-logoClient Login Link





And here is the only advertisement you will see on this site.  I get direct kick-backs when you host through them…when you click the link and sign up.  Or you can just have me do the dirty work.

Choose me.


Thomas G. Hepburn